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Vivid Biology

Black Lab Equipment Tie (UK Stock)

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The Lab Equipment Tie is the perfect new accessory for all science fashion fanatics!

  • 100% Polyester satin
  • 57 inch length
  • 4 inch width
  • Dry clean only


Ask non-scientists to picture a laboratory, and the odds are that they will think about lab equipment such as conical flasks, pipettes and test tubes. The first recorded use of lab equipment dates back to 1633, where John Winthrop described the use of “glasses for philosophical experiments”, today better known as simple thermometers.

To this day, Lab equipment is used to measure, observe and gather data for experiments, as well as safely perform reactions. Beakers and test tubes are often used as reaction containers or to hold liquid or solid samples, while measuring cylinders and pipettes are utilised to measure volumes or amounts of liquids. Labware used for research must always be thoroughly cleaned and sterilised as contamination can change test results.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is essential to enable scientists to carry out their work efficiently and safely. Scientists use PPE such as safety goggles, gloves and lab coats to protect themselves from dangerous chemical splashes or spills while working in the lab.