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Vivid Biology

Osteocyte Rayon Shift Dress

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  • Made from 90% Rayon, 10% Spandex
  • Fit and slight flare shape
  • Super soft fabric
  • Machine wash


Osteocyte Rayon Shift Dress

There are numerous types of tissues in the human body, but none of them is quite like the bone tissue. It supports and shapes our body by forming our 206 bones. All these are maintained by specialised osteocyte cells, which constantly replenish our bone tissue.  

The most characteristic component of bone tissue are minerals such as calcium phosphate, which makes the bone matrix hard and strong. The incorporation of these components is monitored by osteocytes, which make up 95% of the cells of our bones. Deep within the tissue osteocytes can live up to 50 years.  

Osteocytes are essential for keeping our bones healthy. For example, the mechanical strain that we put on our bones during work outs causes osteocytes to release molecules that strengthen our bones to be able withstand more stress. Osteocytes also regulate our calcium phosphate storage and help us to overcome calcium deficiencies.