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Vivid Biology

Influenza short-sleeved T-shirt

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$25.86 USD

Sizing (Chest size in inches)

Small - 36"
Medium - 40"
Large - 44"
X Large - 48"
2X Large - 52"

Printed on Gildan Softstyle
Fabric is made of 100% combed ringspun cotton
Weight 153gsm

The lightweight and the uniform fabric of the shirt are because it was manufactured using deluxe 30s soft style yarns. Some of the features that accompany the shirt are taped neck and shoulders, and twin needle sleeve and bottom hem.

While washing it is advised to keep the water warm. Only use non-chlorine bleach. Avoid ironing and do not dry clean.


What’s tiny, round, not quite alive, and killed over 50 million people in 1918?

The flu.

More specifically the influenza virus, a respiratory pathogen that is a member of the Orthomyxoviridae family.

First isolated in 1933, when scientists realised influenza was different to bacterial pneumonia, these pathogenic particles can be subdivided into types A, B and C. The latter two infect humans only, but type A is known to infect a range of other warm-blooded animals, including pigs, cattle, seals and birds. Birds in particular act as host reservoirs, basically storing the virus between human infections.

An influenza virus is made up of single-stranded, negative sense RNA in eight segments. This means that the virus needs to use a host to convert its genetic information into positive sense (“forward”) material to be able to start transcription. The virus creates a membrane using host lipids, and the outside of the membrane is coated in glycoproteins. Influenza A has two proteins called hemagglutinin and neuramidase; these can both be seen in this influenza print.