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Vivid Biology

Turquoise Continuous DNA Necktie

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Continuous DNA Necktie
  • Highest quality necktie
  • Silky 100% polyester fabric
  • It measures 57" length and 4" width (at the widest point)
  • Dry clean only.


DNA is a highly complex molecule, consisting of two strands that twist around a common axis in form of a double helix. The double helix looks like an upside-down ladder—the rungs of the ladder are composed of pairs of nitrogenous bases (base pairs), and the sides of the ladder are made up of alternating sugar molecules and phosphate groups. The nucleotides are composed of units called nucleotides, which include a sugar molecule, phosphate group, and nitrogenous base. The double helix structure of DNA contains three strands with sequences of particular bases at each end. Those sequences match up and base pairing occurs because of the complementary nature of the nitrogenous bases. The three nitrogenous bases—adenine (A), thymine (T), and guanine (G)—are called purines, and they have a pyrimidine structure as well.

Each cell in your body has around 2 metres of DNA inside. DNA is a very long chemical called a polymer, that is built from lots of individual nucleotides, or bases. The order that these bases come in encodes genes, which are the assembly instructions for all the proteins that make living things function. DNA is double-stranded, with one strand encoding the information and the other strand acting as a backup copy in case of damage. DNA twists in a spiral, with about 11 pairs of bases per full rotation. ⠀