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Vivid Biology

Brain Areas - A2 Poster (Blue) (UK Stock)

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$12.90 USD
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$12.90 USD
  • A2 sized poster printed on 250gsm silk paper.
  • 42cm x 60cm / 16.53 x 23.39 in
  • Unframed


This is a question of budget, size, durability and quality. For the same price you can get a large poster that will last you 5 years, or a small print that will last over 100 years. We've chosen to offer both because we want our artwork to be enjoyed by as many people as possibe.

Our posters are printed using a commercial press on 200gsm papers with regular inks. They are great for decorating dorm rooms and flats cheaply. With a bit of care they'll last you five or ten years. They may fade in direct sunlight.

Our prints are printed by a specialist fine art printer. They use high quality inks and a greater number of colours to give a more vibrant, super crisp image. Prints look better and are designed to last. Our artwork is printed on archival standard 100% cotton paper, and the inks will hold their colour for at least 100 years.